Tribal Liaison

ONRT Tribal Liaison
Ralph Gruebel

ONRT’s Tribal Liaison is the Executive Director of the agency.  The Tribal Liaison coordinates and oversees agency activities that may impact New Mexico’s tribes, nations and pueblos.  Additionally, the Tribal Liaison serves as an intergovernmental relation resource within ONRT to strengthen state tribal relationships and improve communications.

New Mexico State-Tribal Collaboration Act

State-Tribal Collaboration Act FY2020 Agency Report

State Tribal Executive Orders, Agreements and Policy Statements:

ONRT Tribal Consultation and Collaboration Policy

Executive Order No. 2005-004 : Statewide Adoption of Pilot Tribal Consultation Plans

Executive Order No. 2005-003 : Adoption of Statewide Tribal Consultation Policy on the Protection of Sacred Places and Repatriation

February 1, 2005 – Press Release : New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Signs Historic Executive Orders and Enters MOU with Navajo Nation

2003 Statement of Policy and Process entered into with the nineteen Pueblos, Navajo Nation, and Mescalero Apache Tribe

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